Microgrid Labs Enabling Electric School Bus Resilience

Microgrid Labs [MGL] partners with utilities and school districts to leverage electric school bus fleet planning and deployment for grid support and disaster response.
Publish Date: 09.06.2023

[Boulder, October 1st 2023] — MGL, a leader in electric fleet solutions, is proud to announce three groundbreaking collaborations to advance Vehicle-to-Building (V2B) technology for disaster response with Tucson Electric Power in Arizona, Lawence Berkeley National Lab in California, and Sustainable Grand in Colorado. These innovative partnerships aim to address vehicle-to-grid (V2G) challenges faced by school districts electrifying buses nationwide, while simultaneously advancing the adoption of V2B technology to enhance electric grid and community resilience. 


Tucson Electric Power (TEP) in Arizona and MGL are working together to support school districts in TEP service territory to transition from diesel-powered buses to clean electric buses through advanced planning. The project will encompass the evaluation of electric school buses as a grid resource to feed excess energy back into the grid during peak demand (V2G), and to support critical facilities that serve as disaster-response or cooling centers during heat waves (V2B) or disaster events.  

Berkley Labs (LBNL) and MGL will work together to support a school district in the Bay Area with fleet electrification and onsite energy resource planning to determine optimized and fully resilient fleet operations. The collaboration will pioneer grid-disconnected fleet charging, allowing electric school buses to draw power from the grid but also serve as a local distributed energy resource in California when the electric grid is under strain. 

Sustainable Grand and MGL will work together in Grand County to ensure that charging school buses leverages the maximum amount of carbon-free energy, utilizes onsite renewable generation, and promotes sustainability and clean energy adoption in schools. The project will serve as a model for other communities and school districts in Colorado’s wildfire prone areas that are seeking to electrify fleets and simultaneously build resilient energy infrastructure  


Environmental Impact meets Beneficial Electrification.  


**About Microgrid Labs:** 

Microgrid Labs is a leading provider of advanced energy solutions, specializing in microgrid technology, renewable energy integration, and energy management systems. Committed to a sustainable future, Microgrid Labs leverages innovation to enhance energy resilience, reduce carbon footprints, and empower communities.