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Microgrid Labs follows a simple and practical approach to Microgrid design and implementation. Our team of experienced engineers will help assess your needs, analyze current state of operations, evaluate distributed generation options and design a most economical solution that fits your needs. We specialize in brown field projects and renewable intensive Microgrids. 

Moving beyond consulting we are developing software solutions for Microgrid planning and control with leading Universities and National Labs.  

Services and Products

Microgrid Consulting

Microgrid consulting

Microgrid Labs supports you through the entire project from concept to commissioning.           

We specialize in the initial assessment, modeling, financial analysis and make sure the project is technically feasible, economically viable, and practical to implement. We support the integration of Distributed Energy Resources like: Solar, Wind Turbine, CHP (Combined Heating and Power) systems, Fuel Cells, Microturbines, and Electric Vehicles.

DER Modeling

DER modeling, microgrid

Want to perform a financial analysis for a Microgrid or energy storage project? 

You can now perform all these and more using DEROPT – a Microgrid modeling platform. DEROPT, powered by LBNL's (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory) DERCAM, is a commercial Microgrid modeling suite that helps analyze the current state of operation, decide on the most optimum configurations and perform What-if analysis. COMING SOON.

Solar Irradiance Micro-forecasting

Solar Irradiance Micro-forecasting

Solar Irradiance Micro-forecasting system – NSF STTR Phase 1 project 

To accurately forecast solar irradiance on a time horizon of approximately 5 minutes, Microgrid Labs is currently developing our Solar Irradiance Micro-forecasting system jointly with the University of New Mexico (UNM), under a NSF funded STTR Phase 1 grant. This is based on infrared-sky imaging and machine learning algorithms.

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