Fleet Electrification and Microgrid Planning


Planning to electrify your fleets? Wondering where to start?
Which routes? Which vehicles? Charging infrastructure?
Energy infrastructure? Power outages? Microgrids?

Welcome to Microgrid Labs, specialists in Planning and Modeling of Fleet Electrification, Charging Infrastructure and Microgrid projects. 

We take the complexity out of fleet electrification and microgrid planning. We help assess your needs, analyze current state of operations, model future scenarios and help design the most economical solution. 

Products and Services

Fleet Electrification Planning

  • Fleet electrification planning is complex and time consuming
  • We streamline the planning process using our proven methodology and  proprietary modeling software
  • Our data driven approach models the driving and charging process to derive the right balance of vehicle battery size, charging infrastructure and operational constraints

Microgrid Planning

  • Microgrids are capital intensive and come in different shapes and sizes
  • Selection and sizing of onsite generation and storage is critical to its performance and economic viability
  • Our data driven approach models demand and generation to derive the right balance of load, generation, energy storage to minimize capital and operating costs

Modeling software for Fleet Electrification

  • Modeling, Simulation and Optimization tool for optimal sizing of Battery and Chargers
  • Jointly models transportation and energy and supports multiple charging strategies
  • Joint development with University of California, Berkeley with support from NSF
  • Lite and Basic versions of EVOPT are currently available for pilots and consulting engagements

Modeling software for Microgrids

  • Modeling and Optimization tool for optimal sizing of DERs for Microgrids
  • Supports electrical/thermal energy and grid connected/islanded operation
  • Powered by DERCAM optimization engine developed by Lawrence Berkeley National Labs
  • Beta version of DEROPT is currently available for limited use

Our Partners