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Microgrid Labs - More than Renewable Energy



Microgrid Labs Inc (MGL) is a Consulting and Software Company specializing in Microgrids and Electrification of Transportation.

Our consulting arm follows a simple and practical approach to planning microgrids and electric vehicle charging infrastructure. We can help you assess your needs, analyze current state of operations, model future operating scenarios and help design the most economical solution that fits your needs. 

Complementing our consulting practice we also offer software platform for modeling, simulation and optimization of EV charging infrastructure and microgrids. Offered as software as service, the scalable and modular platform includes software modules for optimal sizing of EV battery, charging equipment, onsite generation/storage and financial analysis.

Products and services

Consulting services

Microgrid consulting

Microgrid Labs provides consulting support for Microgrids, Energy storage and EV charging infrastructure projects. 

Our services include initial assessment, mathematical modeling, financial analysis, and conceptual/detailed design. We help you make sure the project is technically feasible, economically viable, and practical to implement. 

For bus and fleet electrification projects we help you with the optimal sizing of EV batteries, charging equipment and integration of onsite generation and energy storage to mitigate impact on the electrical network.

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Modeling platform for Microgrids


Want to perform mathematical modeling and financial analysis for a Microgrid or Energy Storage project? 

You can now perform these and more using DEROPT, a modeling platform for Distributed Energy Resource integration. DEROPT is powered by DERCAM, a mathematical optimization engine for microgrid modeling from Lawrence Berkeley National Labs, USA.  

DEROPT can help you analyze your current state of operations and design the optimum DER configuration for best results. 

Beta version available (Feb 2019) 


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Modeling platform for EV charging


Charging strategy will have a significant impact on the capacity and cost of the vehicles and the charging infrastructure

The challenge is in arriving at the optimum solution that will minimize investments, meet operational requirements, and eliminate any adverse impact on the electrical network. 

Microgrid Labs (MGL) and University of California, Berkeley are jointly developing software for optimal planning of EV charging infrastructure under a National Science Foundation (NSF) award. 

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