• Microgrids are capital intensive and complex.
  • Planning is the first crucial step in setting up microgrids
  • Decisions made during planning could have the highest impact on system performance.
  • Microgrid projects are difficult to plan due to their complexity.
  • Planning complexity increases with increase in the variety of DERs and operating scenarios.

Key steps in the planning process

Step by step planning starting from initial assessment


Initial Assessment

  • Current set up and Challenges
  • Microgrid Objectives
  • DER Options
  • Budget Constraints

Feasibility Study

  • Data Analysis
  • Mathematical Modeling
  • DER Options
  • Costs and Emissions microgrid

Conceptual Design

  • Electrical System
  • Control System
  • Operating Scenarios & Use Cases
  • Equipment Specification microgrid

Implementation Support

  • Support for Detailed Design
  • Support for System Integration
  • Owners Engineer
  • User Training microgrid