Microgrids are capital-intensive and come in various shapes and sizes. Planning is the initial crucial step in microgrid projects, as decisions made at this stage will have a major impact on future operations. The selection and sizing of onsite generation and storage are critical to the performance and economic viability of the microgrid. Our data-driven approach models demand and generation to derive the right balance of load, generation, and energy storage, aiming to minimize capital and operating costs. We provide support for microgrid planning projects through our consulting and advisory services.

Our Services

Microgrid Planning

MGL provides expert guidance and strategic insights for the planning, design, and implementation of microgrid projects. This includes evaluating energy needs, optimizing on-site generation and storage, and offering solutions to enhance the resilience and sustainability of distributed energy systems.


  • Load analysis
  • Load profile
  • Baseline calculations
  • DER sizing
  • DER usage profile
  • Emissions
  • Financial analysis