Introducing EVopt Planner – Electric Fleet Planning Simplified

Game-changing software streamlines the complexities of electric buses enabling fleet operators and their trusted partners to plan for and deploy EVs with confidence.
Publish Date: 07.07.2023

[Boulder, CO 07/07/23] – MGL upgrades EVopt Lite to multi-route multi-variant EVopt Planner designed to transform the way organizations plan, design, build, deploy, and operate electric vehicles and charging systems. With its advanced energy modeling algorithms and innovative features EVopt empowers consultants and engineers to model real-world operational conditions, overcome known concerns about electric vehicles, and optimize all aspects of vehicles and infrastructure from the first EV deployment to the last, saving time and money at each phase of fleet transition.

  EVopt Planner offers a range of benefits for fleet managers adopting electric vehicles into their fleets:

  • Data-driven insights clarify the portion of the fleet electrifiable with current vehicles on the market
  • Operational schedules specify charging power ratings necessary to deliver sufficient power every day
  • Peak power load illustrates electric capacity required at each phase of deployment
  • Right-sized vehicles and charging infrastructure reduces capital costs and time to deploy
  • Zero-emissions fleet transition calculations for budgets and grant applications are as easy as 1,2,3

Key Features:

  • Advanced Route Energy: Determine route feasibility for EVs based on operating environment and vehicle class.
  • Charging System Specification: Characterize power ratings that meet the operating schedule of the fleet.
  • Load Profile and Power Optimization: Calculate peak load, transformer size, energy costs, and optimize with managed charging peak reduction.
  • Emission Reduction: Maximize emissions reduced by increasing miles driven on electricity.
  • Total Cost Analysis: Breakout all capital requirements for budgeting and grant applications, and understand expected savings over the life of operations.

EVopt Planner takes the guess work out of fleet electrification marking a significant milestone in the pilot-to-scale evolution of fleet transition.  Providing confidence about what to buy and where to deploy EVopt enables fleet managers and their trusted partners to navigate the complexities in electrification saving them time and money by right-sizing each phase of fleet transition.

EVopt Planner is now available for engineering and energy consultants and advisors, or for limited time free trial for fleet managers. Our team of experts is ready to assist you in implementing this cutting-edge solution tailored to fleet transition scenario analysis.

 Microgrid Labs [MGL] is a leading innovator in software solutions for fleet planning, energy system design, and charge management. With a commitment to shaping a cleaner transportation and energy future MGL leverages SaaS approaches to reduce the cost and time of upfront planning, the impact of unmanaged charging, and resilience in relying on electricity as fuel.

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