MGL Participating in the Market Access Program with LACI

Microgrid Labs (MGL) has been accepted into the Market Access Program with the Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator (LACI).
Publish Date: 12.27.2022
We have some exciting news to share! Microgrid Labs (MGL) has been accepted into the Market Access Program with the Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator (LACI). This prestigious program is designed to support and accelerate the growth of innovative clean technology companies, and being selected for this opportunity is a testament to the groundbreaking work being done by MGL.

The Market Access Program, offered by LACI, provides companies with unparalleled access to industry partners, investors, and strategic resources to help them scale their business and make a meaningful impact in the clean technology sector. MGL’s acceptance into this program signifies their position as a leader in the field of electrification solutions and reinforces their commitment to driving sustainable change.

Through the Market Access Program, MGL will gain valuable support and guidance from industry experts, mentors, and advisors. This collaborative environment will provide them with the necessary tools and connections to accelerate their market entry, expand their network, and further develop their cutting-edge energy solutions.

Being a part of the LACI community will also give MGL the opportunity to collaborate with like-minded entrepreneurs and companies, fostering innovation and driving collective efforts toward a more sustainable future. The program offers access to a vibrant ecosystem of cleantech pioneers, creating an environment conducive to knowledge sharing, collaboration, and the potential for future partnerships.\

MGL’s acceptance into the Market Access Program with LACI signifies a significant milestone in their journey. It highlights their potential for growth and impact within the clean technology industry. The program will undoubtedly provide Microgrid Labs with the necessary resources and support to reach new heights, enabling them to continue their mission of revolutionizing electrification solutions for a more sustainable world.

We are thrilled to see MGL embark on this exciting opportunity and look forward to witnessing the positive impact they will make within the clean technology space through their participation in the LACI Market Access Program.