MGL & GT Academy to use EVOPT for fleet electrification training

Publish Date: 02.01.2022
GT Academy in partnership with Microgrid Labs, is pleased to announce the launch of its unique course in EV Selection and Fleet Planning for Professionals & Entrepreneurs. Fleet electrification is a complicated process that takes time, resources, and knowledge. EVOPT simplifies fleet electrification planning though its software platform for modeling, simulation, and optimization. It enables you to plan your transition to electric fleets at a fraction of the time and cost it takes today. Join us for this course as our Expert trainers from US and India help you prepare for the future of mobility.

This one-month course is uniquely designed by MicroGridLabs Inc. (USA) and GT Academy to help you master electric fleet system planning & operations with the help of real examples & case studies. Learn from our experts in the US & the Indian market.

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Session 1: EV Basics

  • Basics of Electric Vehicle and ICE Vehicle
  • Electric Drive train
  • Battery/Battery Management System
  • Type of Chargers – AC/DC

Session 2: Fleet Electrification – Basics

  • Electric Fleet Ecosystem
  • Planning challenges
  • Planning Steps
  • Importance of Charging Strategy
  • Electric Fleet Charging management system
  • Introduction to EVOPT

Session 3: Fleet Electrification Planning Using EVOPT

  • Route energy modelling
  • Battery sizing
  • Charger sizing
  • Load profile
  • Financial Analysis

Session 4: Fleet Electrification Planning Using EVOPT – Practice Session

  • Route energy modelling
  • Battery sizing
  • Charger sizing
  • Load profile
  • Financial Analysis

Session 5: Fleet Electrification Planning – Advanced

  • Dedicated Charger vs Charger Sharing
  • Load Management – Managed/Controlled charging
  • Depot/On-Route Charging
  • Queuing Problems and Solutions

Session 6: Fleet Planning – Charging and Energy Infrastructure

  • Plugin DC Charger
  • Pantograph DC Charger
  • Depot / Hub space constraints
  • Power distribution network – Radial distribution/Ring main architecture

Session 7: Case Studies and MGL Experience with Real World Projects

  • Case Studies
  • Emerging Topics
  • Introduction to V2X
  • Resiliency
  • Digital Twin of the electrical network

Session 8: Evaluation and Discussions