Fleet electrification planning


  • Fleet Electrification is capital intensive and complex
  • Planning is the first crucial step in fleet electrification
  • Decisions made during planning could have the highest impact on system performance.
  • Fleet electrification projects are difficult to plan due to their complexity
  • Planning complexity increases exponentially as the number of vehicles increase 

Key steps in the planning process


Step by step planning with varying levels of detail and granularity 

Our services

Mobility Data Analysis


  • Data Logging
  • Route Analysis
  • Technical Feasibility
  • Duty-Cycle Development 

Charging Strategy Analysis


  • Depot Charging
  • Opportunity Charging
  • Tariff Dependent Charging
  • Shared Charging 

Battery and Motor Sizing


  • Driving Process Simulation
  • Motor Sizing
  • Battery Sizing
  • Battery Degradation 

Charging Infrastructure Sizing


  • Charger Sizing
  • Charging Process Simulation
  • Charging Schedule 
  • Wait-time & Queuing Issues
  • Electrical Load Profile 

Energy Infrastructure Sizing


  • Electrical Network 
  • DER Integration
  • Energy Storage Integration
  • Power Outage Handling
  • Microgrid Sizing 

Financial Analysis


  • Current Cost of Operation
  • Capital and Operating Costs 
  • Operating Costs
  • Total Cost of Ownership 
  • Emissions 

Consulting packages


Feasibility study

Identifies routes where electrification makes sense and its technical and  economic feasibility fleet electrification planning and design consultant


Preliminary planning

Provides a good overview to approach funding agencies and start engaging suppliers planning and design consultant fleet electrification


Detailed planning

Optimizes the design to minimize costs,  reduce risks and implement with confidence. planning and design fleet electrification consultant


Energy infrastructure planning

Helps design the right energy infrastructure that reduces demand charges and addresses resiliency challenges. planning and design consultant fleet electrification