Microgrid Labs, Inc. (MGL) was formed by a team of professionals with over 100 years of combined experience covering all aspects of microgrid and energy storage projects, ranging from initial assessment, mathematical modeling, and feasibility studies, to planning, design, and implementation. Our expertise includes — power generation, power distribution, substation design, control systems, and IT. Our professionals come from leaders in the field such as Siemens, AT&T Bell Labs, Southwestern Bell Technologies, etc. MGL provides support through the entire life cycle of a microgrid project – from concept to commissioning. We make sure the project is technically feasible, economically viable, and implemented successfully.

MGL has a successful history of partnering with other domain experts in delivering comprehensive solutions to a diverse group of clients across the US. Having already done several city, municipal and campus level microgrid projects, MGL and its partners have the required expertise, experience and resources to provide these services. Currently, MGL is executing microgrid projects in California, Mississippi, New York, District of Columbia, Tennessee, and Ontario (Canada). MGL continues to partner with EPRI and LBNL on several microgrid development projects.

MGL, Inc. is a privately held company. It is a California registered Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE). 


 Microgrid Labs (MGL) is involved in a number of microgrid assessment, planning, modeling and design projects. MGL and its partners have the required expertise, experience and resources to provide these services, having done several microgrid projects at city and campus levels. MGL will provide most of these services and will pull in partners depending on need. We will engage Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) to address grid issues and power system modeling. We will work closely with Lawrence Berkeley National Labs (LBNL) for microgrid modeling. MGL provides support throughout the lifecycle of a microgrid project, from concept to commissioning and beyond.

MGL has worked with the developers of DER-CAM at LBNL; DER-CAM (Distributed Energy Resources Customer Adoption Model) is a techno-economic modeling software for customer DER adoption. Users input market information (fuel prices), system load information (hourly end use loads), and DER technology information (costs, performance data, etc.) and DER-CAM outputs the optimal selection of technologies, e.g. PV, solar thermal or CHP that should be adopted and details how they should be operated based on the specified inputs. Other outputs also include CO2 emissions.​

​MGL’s team has extensive experience in electrical power systems, power electronics, control systems, SCADA, energy storage systems and microgrids. Its capabilities include:

  • Performing site assessments to understand existing infrastructure, operations and potential for improvement
  • Characterization of loads, distributed energy resources, electrical, controls and communication infrastructure
  • Energy modeling using tools like SAM, DER-CAM and HOMER
  • Modeling of power systems (through external partners)
  • Conceptual and detailed design of photovoltaic arrays, energy storage systems and microgrids
  • Cost-benefit analysis
  • Technology scouting for emerging technologies and solutions in the area of renewable energy, energy storage and microgrids
  • Support in RFP preparation, project management, systems integration and customer training 



​​​Narayanan Sankar - Co-founder

  • 30+ years of international experience with Siemens in power systems, power electronics, industrial automation, renewable energy and IT.
  • Implemented a commercial scale battery energy storage project for the DOD, including an intelligent PV-storage control system for renewable energy time-shifting and peak load shaving.
  • Has worked on Microgrids since 2010 and participated in the development and commercialization of control systems for energy storage and Microgrids, supporting several customers in conceptual and systems design of facility and campus-scale Microgrids. 


Namit Singh, Ph.D.

  • Expertise in Microgrids, Solar PV,  Distributed Energy Resources (DER), Electro-Mechanical Systems, Control Systems, Sensors, and Data Acquisition.
  • Extensive R&D experience with focus on concept to prototype development of new products. 


Sharabh R. Shukla

  • Experience working on mathematical modeling and optimization techniques in power systems, particularly in the field of optimal power flow, electric vehicle (EV) charging, EV scheduling, demand response, vehicle-to-grid (V2G) integration and smart distribution grids. 
  • Has extensive experience in developing LP, NLP, Conic and Mixed Integer optimization models using GAMS and AMPL. 



Rajan Kapur, Ph.D. - Senior Consultant

  • 33 years of experience in solar projects, solar balance of system, semiconductor design, display systems design, technology business start-up, new market development and collaborative development.
  • Founded, led and sold a solar micro-inverter company. Led team for due diligence of “pre shovel ready” utility scale solar projects; Four patents in graphics chip design and solar balance of systems.
  • ​Current areas of expertise include technical and commercial aspects of grid-tied and off-grid Solar PV project development.


Joe Callahan - Senior Consultant

  • 20+ years of experience working with solar PV, solar thermal, passive solar, microgrids and other aspects of the renewable energy industry.​
  • For 16 years, owned and operated Solar PV EPC company of 50 employees in Boulder, CO, which developed over 250 residential to commercial and megawatt-scale PV systems. 
  • Primary expertise in PV design and engineering, grid-tied and off-grid storage, project safety, and project quality and code compliance. Insures the highest quality standards in project design, safety planning and implementation.


John M. Benson - Senior Consultant

  • 30+ years of experience in power engineering, electricity distribution control systems, automation, and advanced metering systems (CEC’s Demand Response WG2 and WG3).
  • Managed the design of more than 200 electric utility control systems, including several control systems and microgrids in commercial and industrial installations.
  • Led Siemens' advanced facilities energy control system efforts as product implementation manager. ​


Arun Kumar, D.Sc. - Senior Consultant

  • 35+ years of experience in designing hardware, software, and algorithms. Areas of special expertise: source and channel coding, transform space techniques, design of special-purpose computers, high-definition video, sensor and microcontroller-based systems.
  • Fluent in Verilog, VHDL, Matlab, Mathematica, Python, and C. 
    Led teams of hardware engineers, software engineers, and mathematicians. 
  • Experience with every aspect of business, including manufacturing and project planning. One U.S. patent for a video teleconference bridge.​