SoftwaRE for modeling and optimization

Microgrids and Energy Storage


DEROPT is a modeling platform for planning and design of Microgrids and Distributed Energy Resources (DERs). 

DEROPT handles the entire energy equation - both electrical and thermal. Its models include a wide range of distributed energy resources such as solar PV, wind, internal combustion engines, fuel cells, combined heat and power systems, and electrical/thermal energy storage. 

DEROPT is ideal for modeling  both grid-connected and islanded operation and includes options to include load curtailment, net metering, and market participation

DEROPT is powered by DERCAM optimization engine from Lawrence Berkeley National Labs. The DERCAM mathematical tool has been peer reviewed and proven correct in more than 150 reports and publications and used in many projects and tests.


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Electrification of Transportation


 EV-OPT is a modeling platform for planning and design of Bus  and fleet electrification with special focus on the charging infrastructure. 

EV-OPT helps arrive at the right balance of bus battery size, charging infrastructure capacity and operational schedule. 

It takes into account costs, battery size, operational requirements (range and schedule) and limitations on the electrical network

EV-OPT is ideal for buses and fleets within the city and/or campus and for point-to-point bus services.  It can also be used for planning EV charging infrastructure for public EV charging and in commercial facilities 

EV-OPT is jointly developed by Microgrid Labs  and University of California, Berkeley under a National Science Foundation (NSF) award. It applies stochastic optimization and queuing theory to address the large variability and unpredictability in mobility behavior. 

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