Microgrid PLANNING



  • Microgrids are capital intensive and complex. 
  • Planning is the first crucial step in setting up microgrids
  • Decisions made during planning could have the highest impact on system performance.
  • Microgrid projects are difficult to plan due to their complexity.  
  • Planning complexity increases with increase in the variety of DERs and operating scenarios.  

Key steps in the planning process


Step by step planning starting from initial assessment 

Our services

Initial Assessment


  • Current set up and Challenges
  • Microgrid Objectives
  • DER Options
  • Budget Constraints

Feasibility Study


  • Data Analysis
  • Mathematical Modeling
  • DER Options
  • Costs and Emissions microgrid

Conceptual Design


  • Electrical System
  • Control System
  • Operating Scenarios & Use Cases
  • Equipment Specification microgrid

Implementation Support


  • Support for Detailed Design
  • Support for System Integration
  • Owners Engineer
  • User Training microgrid