modeling and optimization Software EVOPT

  • Software platform for modeling, simulation and optimization of Electric Vehicle Battery, Charging and Energy infrastructure. 

  • Jointly models the driving /charging process, quantifies electrical demand and derives the right balance of vehicle battery, charging infrastructure, and operational needs. 

  • Ideal for planning fleet electrification especially medium and heavy vehicles

  • Joint development with University of California, Berkeley under a National Science Foundation (NSF) award.   
  • First version of EVOPT is currently available for Pilots and consulting engagements 

Joint modeling of Transportation and Energy


Helps develop charging strategy, right size batteries, chargers and energy infrastructure including microgrids. 

COMPREHENSIVE platform route analysis to microgrid planning

Route Analysis


  • Route Analysis
  • Duty Cycle Development
  • Charging Strategy Analysis

Driving Process Simulation


  • Cooling and Heating Models
  • Battery Degradation
  • Power and Energy Demand
  • Motor Sizing

Battery and Charger Sizing


  • Battery Sizing
  • Charger Sizing
  • Charging Schedule
  • Electrical Load

Charging Process Simulation


  • Charging Process Simulation
  • Resource Constraints 
  • Waiting time/queuing issues
  • What-if Analysis

Energy Infrastructure Sizing


  • DER Sizing
  • Energy Storage Sizing
  • Microgrid Operation
  • What-if Analysis

Financial Analysis


  • Capital Costs (CAPEX)
  • Operating Costs (OPEX)
  • Total Cost of Ownership
  • Emissions