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Microgrids and Energy Storage


Are you struggling with high energy costs? Are you faced with frequent power outages? Do you have power quality issues? Do you have critical loads that need to be kept ON during a power outage? Do you have potential for on-site renewable generation? Is there an opportunity to participate in energy markets? Are Microgrids the right solution for you? 

Microgrid Labs can support you through the entire life cycle of your Microgrid project – from concept to commissioning. 

Our highly experienced team  can help you navigate all phases of the project - from initial assessment and feasibility study, to planning and implementation. We make sure the project is technically feasible, economically viable, and implemented successfully.  

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Electrification of Transportation


Fleet Electrification is capital intensive and complex. At high levels this will need significant upgrades to the electrical infrastructure at the facility as well as on the utility grid. Typically a bus depot with about 100 buses could see a peak electrical demand in the range of 15 MW, far higher than the current capacity of its electrical network. 

Charging strategy will have a significant impact on the size of the size and cost of vehicle battery and the charging infrastructure. Charging buses overnight at depots could simplify the charging infrastructure but will result in larger batteries. On the other hand opportunity charging in between trips would reduce the size of the batteries but would make the charging infrastructure more complex and expensive. Similarly providing a charger for every bus waiting to be charged will require a large number of chargers but sharing charging stations will result in buses queuing up and waiting. 

The challenge is in arriving at the optimum solution that will minimize investments, meet operational requirements, and eliminate any adverse impact on the electrical network. We can support you in this exercise and can help you design the optimum solution that is technically feasible and practical to implement.

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